Residence and Work Permit Consultancy

Residence and Work Permit Consultancy

Within the framework of the General Letter issued by the MIGRATION ADMINISTRATION dated 02/12/2019, Law No. 6458 31-1 (e) of the foreigners, whose short-term residence permit has been issued for a maximum of one year within the framework of those who will stay for tourism purposes, is not a reason for a new residence permit, other than tourism. In the event of 01.01.2020, residence permit requests for the same purpose will not be deemed appropriate.

Short-term residence permit

ARTICLE 31 - (1) Short term residence permit may be issued to the following foreigners:
a) They will come for scientific research purposes,
b) immovable property situated in Turkey,
c) They will establish commercial connections or business,
ç) They will participate in in-service training programs,
d) The agreement is part of the Republic of Turkey or future educational or similar purposes in accordance with student exchange programs,
e) They will stay for tourism purposes,
f) They will be treated on condition that they do not carry one of the diseases that are considered as a threat to public health,
g) Depending on the demand or the decision of the judicial or administrative authorities should remain in Turkey,
ğ) Those who switch from family residence permit to short term residence permit,
h) Attend Turkish learning courses,
i) education in Turkey through public institutions, research, and participate in internships and courses,
ii) from the date of graduation from higher education in Turkey who completed the application within six months and,
j) (Annex: 28/7 / 2016-6735 / 27 art.) in Turkey working but their foreign partner and will invest in scope and amount to be determined by the President, he and his wife minors or dependent of foreign children (1)
k) (Annex: 28/7 / 2016-6735 / 27 art.) Citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,
(2) (Amended: 28/7 / 2016-6735 / 27 art.) Short-term residence permit may be granted for a maximum of two years at a time, except for the paragraphs (j) and (k) of the first paragraph.
(3) Residence permits issued within the scope of subparagraph (h) of the first paragraph may be given at most twice.

The above texts or for tourist purposes not given a residence permit without a work permit in Turkey outside.

Required Steps for Work Permit Application;

1- An Electronic Signature Required by the Employer Is Required
2- Creating Employer Registration
3- Foreign Worker's Work Permit Application
4- Ministry Evaluation
5- After the Approval of Work Permit, Employer Starts SGK Login Procedures
6- Monthly Social Security Institution Declaration While Foreign Workers Work