In terms of credit and finance we are searching the most suitable credit for your company. We are redirecting you to programs that are low in cost, flexible in reimbursement systems. We offer you the consultancy in providing a quick, easy and cheap loan.

1Existing steps
Credit Status Analysis: First of all, our experts make the determination of the current credit status of your company, then make analysis of whether your current credits are short, long term and correct credit for you and at last preparing a report direct to the most appropriate loan for you. File Preparation: Prepare the suitable loan file for your company. Documents needed to be in your file for loan applications are updated. We make corrections of the items that need to be corrected in financial statements by notifying your firm's accounting. Then with all the details, we introduce your company to bank.

Presenting files to the Bank: We present the your prepared files to the bank. In a result, we invite you to the bank according to the offer of the related banks.

Collateral Transactions: After your credit has been approved we evaluate your existing collateral and in case of collateral deficit offer you the most appropriate idea about the Credit Guarantee Fund or other guarantees.

Credit Allowance: As the last stage, we provide you with the most appropriate credit and provide your contacts with the relevant bank.

Evaluating Results: We offer ideas to you in which areas you will use your credit and when the due date, we monitor your situation in advance in terms of reimbursement systems.
2Types of Credits
Investment Credit: These are the credits that are offered in accordance with the incentive certificates for your company. This credit varies according to your сompany's investment.

Export Credit: This is the type of credit issued by EXIMBANK, which is being prepared for export or used for foreign exchange earning business and services provision. They are diversified as Export Start-up Credit, Post-Shipment Credit, Rediscount Credit, Working Capital Loan, etc. Payment Schedule can be determined flexibly.

Business Finance Credit: This is the type of credit used to meet the needs of companies. It can be diversified according to the company's status and payment structure.

Urban Transformation Credit: This is a type of government-backed credit when your company replace old buildings with new ones.

Leasıng: This is a type of Finance Leasing. It is a kind of financing that works with retrieval logic at the end of leasing and maturity. It is an effective financing method for the companies that want to convert short term foreign resources into long term ones.

Factoring: It is the process of converting the term checks and assets into cash with specific interest.
3Things to pay attention on credit application
The choice of bank is very important on credit applications. The application to the bank which is not in accordance with the credibility and not bank procedures affects the CRO score. For the most appropriate credits, the banks occasionally make campaigns. This credibility is important for eligible customers. Clients with good CRO score are able to calculate credit up to very fine details. In this respect, they choose the most appropriate bank and appropriate credit. As a result, the most important thing to keep in mind, is not applying any banks wondering if they can give me credit? Each application decreases the current credit score and may also block the bank channel by increasing the number of applications. Although it is very important to make credit calculations, the important issue is the registration status of persons. Most people, after experiencing the bank tracking or configuration in our country, loss their interest to banks or wait for 5-year legal period. Although this may seem reasonable by the bank legislation, but it is not an adequate method in practice. Once a person has experienced the bank tracking or configuration and after paying the debt, should also consider future periods and try to get without much extravagance credit card or flexible accounts. In the end, if the credit scores are good for about 3 years or more after the bank tracking closure for the private sector and for officials and retirees after 6 months to 1 year after closure, the usage of credits will be occured.
4Is it possible to use the credit non-work with the bank?
Some banks take only peer income into household income calculations, while others may also take into account retirement income from their parents. Some banks can lend up to 10 times the revenue, while some banks can lend up to 20 times their income. Some banks may allow up to 40% of the income to be paid, while some banks may allow 80% of the income to be paid.
5If my credit rating is low, how can I use credit?
The credit rating is one of the criteria that the banks set for customers in order to use or not credits or loan products. The important factor in determining the credit score is regular or delayed credit repayments, whether or not to pay credit card debts on time by the person. Your CRO is zero, if your credit score is not formed. It means that, you have not used credit or other bank products by this.